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Go Left News, previously Addicted To Politics, is a left-leaning news site that provides you with the latest articles from trustworthy news outlets and blogs from all over the internet. If you like to write or take photos, you can submit your own political content to be included in the main Newsfeed. See the Submit Content page for more information.

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On the homepage you’ll find the main Newsfeed displaying articles with the most recent at the top. Each article has a comment section, a selection of fun reactions to choose from, and a voting box where you can upvote or downvote the post.

Each post gives you the option to share it to the major social media sites; Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. You can also share the link on any other site, text message, or email.

All articles will link to the original post on the original website after the content. The authors shown on the article are the reporters who wrote the original article.

The only changes we might make is an interjection or opinion of our own which will always have a light green background to differentiate it from the original author’s article.

Enjoy your time on the site and bookmark it so you only have one website to visit each time to get all of the latest political news. For now, you can join, read the news, or check out the guidelines prior to registering…