GOP ND Senator Lady Not Trying To Be Hurtful, BUT CHILD FURRIES AREN’T REAL CATS, OK?


It’s baaaaaaaaaaack!

You thought Republicans just suddenly forgot after the midterms that they SINCERELY BELIEVE that there are millions of children going to school in America every day who have been brainwashed by the woke agenda into literally identifying as cats and DEMANDING to use litterboxes at school?

They have not forgotten.

Or perhaps most of them have forgotten but some Republican legislators in unreachable flyover states without modern conveniences like “MySpace” have not yet gotten the message that they are supposed to be outraged about different stuff now and are free to drop the litterbox thing.

Bless every part of this woman’s heart. Her name is North Dakota state Senator Judy Estenson, and just God bless her.

She is so serious and so concerned. She is trying to sound caring, in that rightwing white way.

She says, “In schools today, there’s such goofy things. People are saying they FEEL this and they FEEL that. Feelings we know are obviously not accurate. We all have feelings that aren’t necessarily so. Is it hurtful and mean to state truth in these circumstances?”

We all have feelings that aren’t real, and Judy Estenson understands. Judy Estenson has feelings that are not real, too. She does not elaborate on them, but she has them. (Inquiring minds extremely curious!)

Without missing a beat, as an obviously real example of this, Estenson says, “We now have furries in schools. And I don’t believe we have any cats in schools. So if they say they FEEL like that, do I have to recognize it?”

She’s not trying to be hurtful here. It’s just that she knows those kids aren’t cats. She knows it. She’s been knowing what a cat is and what a child is for a very long time. Is it hurtful to say a child is not a cat, even if that child says they are a furry and poops in the class litterbox, which is a thing that happens every day in North Dakota schools?

Is Judy Estenson required by law to recognize this?

She understands loving people and respecting people. She says it: “I so, so deeply understand […] the respect part of it and the caring about people part of it, but sometimes I think, I feel like we’re playing a game. We’re just playing a game.”

Those kids aren’t cats.

Judy Estenson can’t play that game.

It’s all gone too far, just terribly horribly awfully too far.

Why can’t we let kids be kids?

Does Judy Estenson have to let them be cats too?

In summary and in conclusion, here is a recent post from Judy Estenson’s Facebook page:



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