House Republicans are a total sh*t show, so how’s about we toss them an anvil?

George santos
George Santos aka George Devolder aka Anthony Devolder aka Anthony Zabrovski aka who knows who else?

Oh man. 2024 is going to be fun. Republicans won the House by the skin of their teeth in the midterms, and we all saw just how pitiful that “majority” really is during the insane series of 15 votes it took to elect Kevin McCarthy speaker.

We also know McCarthy is going to be the weakest speaker in history, so this shit show is going to keep on rolling for the next two years. But while all the attention has been on Matt Gaetz and the craziest of the far-right crazies, McCarthy has just as big of a problem on his other flank.

That’s because 18 House Republicans represent districts that Joe Biden won—blue-leaning turf that rewards moderation, not extremism. But these members will be constantly yanked to the right by Gaetz & co., making them even more vulnerable in the next election.

That’s why Daily Kos is working to support the Democrats who will flip these seats—and the awesome news is that we don’t even need to wait until we have candidates. Instead, we’re starting right now by using ActBlue’s nominee funds, which hold all donations in escrow and then give them to the winner of each Democratic primary.

Those funds will give our nominees a huge boost just when they’ll need it most, ensuring they can hit the ground running and make the strongest possible case to voters that they need to ditch their Republican representatives.

We’re beginning with the six Republicans in the bluest seats—and yes, that includes George Santos—but we’ll be adding more just as soon as we can. Let’s make them all afraid of what’s coming.


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