House Republicans have already made a mockery of U.S. governance. It’s only the beginning

In reality, House Republicans have only graduated into a succession of self-inflicted wounds over the course of the next couple years. Indeed, after treating the country to a historic fight over the speakership—rife with intra-party dustups and biting diatribes—Republicans moved right into a Monday evening battle over the rules package that will govern the lower chamber, which also requires 218 GOP votes to pass.

Many House Republicans spent Monday trying to get a handle on all of McCarthy’s horrific giveaways to the extremists who plan to lob grenade after grenade at their own caucus in full view of the country.   

On Sunday, Republican Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina, told CBS’s Face The Nation she was “on the fence” about supporting the rules package McCarthy negotiated with GOP bomb throwers to secure their votes.

“My question really is, today, is what back room deals did they try to cut?” explained Mace, normally a McCarthy ally. “We don’t know what they got, or didn’t get. We haven’t seen it. We don’t have any idea what promises were made or what gentleman’s handshakes were made. We just have no idea at this point.

In other words, the conclusion of one House GOP struggle led directly to the next conflict. Get use to it—it’s a pattern that will continue in perpetuity. That’s partly because McCarthy has no actual backbone to set limits and boundaries, but it’s mostly due to the fact that the person wielding the gavel has no actual governing philosophy or goals other than wielding the gavel.

When Nancy Pelosi was speaker, for instance, she had overriding principles she was trying to accomplish, such as insuring more Americans, making healthcare more affordable, and firing up the economy after Donald Trump’s pandemic policies resulted in historic job losses.

McCarthy, lacking a vision for the country, is destined to lurch from crisis to crisis at the whim of the arsonists he has enabled.

In effect, the full glory of Republican disfunction will dominate headlines for the next two years. Keeping the government’s lights on, funding Ukraine’s battle against Russian totalitarianism, and avoiding a global economic meltdown by meeting the country’s financial commitments will take center stage.

But at the same time, voters will be treated to a disconcerting window into GOP delusion. On the heels of Jan. 6 probe—the most consequential and productive congressional inquiry in decades—Republicans will devote the next two years to chasing GOP fabrications led by witch-hunting zealots.

Monday offered up a perfect example of what’s to come when Republicans voted in Rep. Mark Green of Tennessee as chair of the Homeland Security Committee. Green is a ‘Freedom Caucus’ wacko, who withdrew from consideration as Secretary of the Army under Trump for characterizing being transgender as a “disease,” supporting constricting access to contraception, and making blatantly anti-Muslim remarks.

But most troubling is the fact that Green was one of the 147 congressional Republicans who voted against certifying the 2020 election right after MAGA insurrectionists ransacked the Capitol and threatened the lives of lawmakers. That’s the guy who will now be in charge with protecting the Homeland. What could go wrong?

Truly, American voters have no idea the demented abuses of power they are about to witness at the hands of Republicans.

On the morning after McCarthy won the speakership, Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona promised that Republicans would “conduct a real investigation into J6. The effort to attempt a coup between traitor Gen. Mark Milley and Pelosi will be reviewed and exposed.”

Republican rule will be nothing short of a dazzling display of phantom probes and political pandemonium unleashed by GOP deviants whose main goal is to neutralize the U.S. government. It will be a daily real-time campaign ad for putting Democrats back in charge.

What do you think?