GOP Plan to Cut Social Security and Medicare Is Disliked Among Republican Voters

GOP to cut social security

If the GOP tries to force cuts to Social Security via the debt ceiling, it would be against their own base’s wishes.

New polling finds that the GOP’s plan to force cuts to Social Security and Medicare through debt ceiling legislation is vastly unpopular — even among a majority of the Republican voter base.

According to a new survey by Data for Progress, 63 percent of all voters think that House Republicans should allow the debt limit to be raised to avoid economic disaster, without executing their cynical plan to tie the legislation to cuts to the crucial social programs. This includes 78 percent of Democrats, 59 percent of independents and even 50 percent of Republicans.

This was by far the most popular response to the question of whether the GOP should force through the cuts among the Republican voters, with a mere 15 percent saying they would support a plan to attach the cuts to debt ceiling legislation. Only 24 percent of Republican respondents said that Republicans should refuse to raise the debt ceiling whatsoever — an extremist option that would drop a bomb onto the already fragile economy.

These results demonstrate that, if Republicans continue to pursue the cuts to Social Security and Medicare, they will be standing in opposition not only to what most Americans want, but also to what their own base wants.

The polling further found that a plurality of the Republican base believes that the party should make bipartisanship a priority for the debt ceiling, with 45 percent of Republicans in agreement and 42 percent saying that Republicans should prioritize “opposing Democrats.”

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