Kansas Republicans kick off bold new agenda: Ignore the public, advance hate agenda

Much as “inbreathiate” is not a word, this plan isn’t a plan at all. Instead, it is just a laundry list of hate-filled demands that Republicans believe will really resonate with their home audience. 

The agenda delved into outright comedy when Senate President Ty Masterson was stumped by an understanding of what it was he was opposing, contending that, basically, it was up in the air. From the Kansas Reflector:

When asked what specifically what woke ideology was, Masterson said the definition varied from person to person.
“Woke means the focus on identity and dividing us up into different groups and causing fractions,” Masterson said. “That’s the woke agenda. Woke has all kinds of meanings to different people. That’s what it means to me, is this focus on somebody’s individual – your innate characteristics, about somehow you’re different than everyone else.”

So, you are bitterly opposed to an agenda you can’t define and can mean very different things to different people? Oh boy, does this sound like the start of a Roland Emmerich disaster movie. 

The agenda includes everything from new abortion restrictions to anti-LGBTQ proposals that attack students and parents. This could go as far as seeking criminal statutes against those that help trans youth and break down rules that help gay parents adopt or foster children.

Republicans are even more ambitious and may consider legislation that goes after banks that do not invest in fossil fuels or guns, according to Sunflower State Journal, as well as protecting the fossil fuel industry from organized boycotts. You know, just protecting the common folk.

Hate. Drama. Anger. Rage. Sorry you lost all those elections in 2022, Kansas Republicans, including the two you thought you had rigged in your favor. You’ll get over it. Becoming abusive just won’t make it any better.

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