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Where do the articles come from?

How much does membership cost?

What do members get?

What is the content generator?

What can you make in the content generator?

How do I report a post?

How long do articles stay up?

How can I jump to a specific day?

The News

Where do you get the articles from? Do you write them yourself?

All of the articles on the site comes from trustworthy news sources like The Associated Press, Reuter, The New York Times, NBC, and more. There are also blog posts from The Daily Kos, The Intercept, and other political blogs. We also accept and post articles from our members, but they must be properly sourced and vetted prior to posting. No propaganda or conspiracy theories allowed! You’ll find the original article linked at the end of each post.

How long are articles posted?

Articles are kept in the main newsfeed and in the archives for 1 year.

How can I quickly find news from 8 months ago?

The most efficient way would be using the calendar located on the side of the homepage and when viewing an article. Select the month and date to view articles from that day. If you’re unsure of the exact date, just choose the 1st of the month, or if you’re sure it occurred near the end of the month, choose a date like 20th.


How much does it cost to be a member?

Nothing! Membership is 100% FREE.

What do members get access to?

Only members can submit content to be posted on the main Newsfeed. They also have access to our content generator,

What is the content generator?

The content generator is where members can go to create their own content for the homepage.

What can you create?

Many different types of posts can be created; articles, top 10 lists (either author only, or for other members to add items to), polls, quizzes, memes, video/audio posts, stories, and more!

How do I report a post that violates the community guidelines?

Go to the “report post” form and submit it to us.

Last updated: 1/22/2023