Live: Day Two of the Proud Boys seditious conspiracy trial

Proud boys trial
Source: AP News

Several police radio transmissions and video clips are played for jurors as Lloyd testifies about what he was doing as the first breaches of the Capitol occurred. 

That morning, he actually had a bird’s eye view of the initial breach when he positioned himself in Senator Mitch McConnell’s senate office. 

Video was also shown of the frontlines of the mob near the lower west terrace. A black metal fence had been erected for the inauguration. Proud Boys Joseph Biggs and Zachary Rehl are seen at the frontline of the mob, nothing standing between them and police but a bike rack. 

Radio transmissions are pouring in. 

“We need everything we got on the west side. They’re getting ready to take over the entire stage,” one officer is heard saying in a transmission. 

U.S. Capitol Police inspector Thomas Lloyd said once rioters overran the inaugural fencing, they broke it apart and used pieces of it to assault police. 

Calls were made to lockdown the Capitol, calls were made for back up. 

In another transmission, jurors hear a police officer call: “I got a crowd fighting with officers, pushing, throwing projectiles, I have given warnings about chemical munitions. I need the less than lethal team to position above me, to identify the agitators and start deploying… launch! launch! launch!”

Lloyd said in his 32 years on the job, it has only been a few times that officers at the Capitol have called for less-than-lethal support. 

Jan. 6 was the first time it actually had to be used.

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