Fox News Correspondent Says Voices Of His Young Daughters Saved Him In Ukraine Blast

Benjamin Hall, the Fox News foreign correspondent who was seriously injured during a Russian bomb blast in Ukraine last year, returned to the air Thursday with a vivid description of the explosion, which killed cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and journalist Oleksandra Kuvshynova.

“Everything went dark” following the detonation of two bombs nearby, Hall said on “Fox & Friends” in his first appearance on the network since the March attack near Kyiv.

Reading an excerpt from his upcoming memoir, the London-based father of three recalled hearing what he believed to be his young daughters urging him to “get out of the car” he was inside. Hall crawled out of the vehicle just before it was struck by a third projectile, he said. Severely injured but still alive, he sat and talked with Zakrzewski for 40 minutes before the cameraman died.

“I’ve got one leg. I’ve got no feet. I see through one eye. I’ve got one workable hand. I was burned all over,” said Hall.

“And I feel stronger. I feel more confident than I ever have,” he added, crediting his recovery to a military medical facility in Texas, where he was “rebuilt.”

“Saved: A War Reporter’s Mission To Make It Home” is scheduled for release on March 14, the first anniversary of the tragedy.

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